A Joint Effort: Lasagna Soup

20140804-020301-7381294.jpgMy son is a great kid. He has no illusions of what his Mom is and is not. He knows for sure that I am no cook. Sure, I make things for us but it really is not the thing I am known for. So for him to ask me to make something specific to eat, you know I must oblige, This week he asked for Lasagna soup, a recipe I found on the internet (afarmgirldabbles.com). I’ve made the recipe a few times and CJ did enjoy it. So, I agreed with his request with one condition, that he assists me in the kitchen. I have a belief: young men from my youth were so unfamiliar with the function of the kitchen, they could starve without a girlfriend. I determined when I had a son that he should and would learn how to use the kitchen (and the laundry, as well, but, of course that’s another conversation for another day).Knowing me the way he does, he agreed with my stipulation. We went the grocery store and purchased our ingredients. Once the groceries were out of the way, we descended upon the kitchen to make dinner. Despite a brief episode with the chopped onions, CJ was an excellent assistant and our soup turned out hot and satisfying.