Dinner Tonight…

I go to church with a great group of people. I love the fact that we are all such individuals with different gift, talents, and the like. Now, although I am a girl who was brought up in the country (and still live there), I don’t think it’s a correct moniker to call me a country girl. I don’t love being outdoors. I really don’t care for things that are rustic and my style of choice is mid-century modern. My church, however, is in the city and I have a lovely friend in the congregation who definitely has the gardening touch. ¬† Yesterday, she presented me with a bag of the prettiest basil leaves that I think I have ever seen. The color was so crisp and green that my mom and son ate two of the leaves on the spot.

So my dilemma: What do I make with such a gracious bounty for dinner tonight? I have a few constraints that I must work around, though. The first being time. I’ve got to get home, feed the family and start them on the way to bedtime to stay on schedule. The second constraint, budget. I can’t go hog wild buying ingredients because it’s Monday and the budget needs to stretch all the way to Friday. The third hurdle, the taste-buds of my family. It’s gotta be something they’ll eat so they don’t spend the rest of the evening supplementing the dinner they almost ate.

What I already have is the wonderful basil, a ball of fresh mozzarella, and garlic… I think I have a plan. I’m going to stop by the market and pick up some sub or sandwich rolls, ground beef or pork, and some lovely tomatoes. I’m pretty certain I have a jar of tomato sauce in the pantry. I believe it’s going to be an Italian Style Sloppy Joe topped with Fresh Mozzarella and Basil with a side salad. I’ll let you know if it works out.


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  1. It sounds wonderful!

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