So, It’s “Bring A Covered Dish” Season

I really love gathering with friends and family to eat and enjoy each others company. They are an animated, loving group of people who can cook their behinds off. Each one of them excels at a throwing ingredients of unknown amounts, (they never have to measure) into bowls, pots, and pans and come out with such tasty treats.

In my quest to be a culinary diva in my own right, efforts really fall short at these cook-offs. I’m not saying that I can’t cook, anyone can cook (confession: Ratatouille was on TV yesterday). I simply don’t like cooking for these and other gatherings. I don’t care for the way it makes me feel. I don’t like wasting time and money making things that just sit there.

I am being taught to be true to myself and I am trying to walk that out. So next time we’re putting together the menu, count on me for plates and napkins. My fare works better in a less grand menu. And I am ok with that.


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