They Must Be Fed

Quick Weeknight Recipe
Quick Weeknight Recipe

It happens every twenty-four hours; dinnertime. I get home after work and my son greets me with  “Hello, what’s for dinner?” There are times that at that moment, I hand him 2 warm pizza boxes and say, “Dinner is ready” but young men do not grow on pizza alone.
Now, I  love my tech, between mobile devices, websites, and apps, I have found my way to have a variety of tasty meal options so we don’t have to rely on packaged box meals. For new ideas about food (and pretty much everything else that interests me) I search on Pinterest. That’s where I found my recipe for  Cilantro Lime Shrimp from the Skinny Taste website. I tried the recipe about a month ago and it got a thumbs up from the family so I knew I’d make it again. Enter Evernote.
Evernote is great because it creates searchable tagged content in notebooks. If I find a recipe that I know I’m going to want to make again, if gets saved to my recipe notebook. But wait, there’s more! The is another app named Evernote Food that works with Evernote to creates this magazine stylized repository of my mundane recipes. These digital tools help my family go from front door to fed.


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