Carnitas for Everyone!

IMG_0221-0 Ok. That may be a bit of an overstatement. In fact it was carnitas for my Sunday Dinner family. After church on Sunday we must eat. We had been going out a lot but having dinner out every week is something of a “budget buster” especially if you have more than one mouth to feed at the table (some with expensive taste-buds). As I mentioned in an earlier post, cooking for special occasions is not my strong suit, but this was just dinner; not Easter or Christmas. So when it was my turn to contribute, I went with something that my son and I really like. I found a recipe for pork carnitas on  Pinterest and had fixed it at home a few times and it had gone over rather well so I figured it was a safe bet.

One problem: not everyone in my tribe loves Mexican food and some of them have an extensive list of things they just don’t eat. Oh, well. I put on my big-girl pants, accepted that I will never please everyone and cooked what I like. The pork roast cooks slowly for hours in my dutch oven, (a Christmas gift from my mom – love her) so when it’s time to shred it, it literally falls apart at the slightest pressure. When I mentioned what I was going to make to my cousin and I told her I usually eat it with a corn salsa, she suggested that I try to make it. Her suggestion was excellent. I found a recipe, on Pinterest of course, and followed it except dialing down the jalapeño. Tasty.

I would love to report that they all loved it, but that’s not quite how it went down. Some liked it and others tolerated it. My son liked it so much I had only enough left for lunch the next day. So my lesson in all of this: Just because you do something and do it well does not guarantee that others will like what you did…and that’s OK.

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