Saturday Night Pasta

Usually, Saturday is the day we take care of our own hunger by cooking or ordering what we want to eat but this one was a little different. Earlier in the week I had to travel and simply did not have the will to cook dinner upon my return so the local pizza chain supplied dinner.
While I was out of town, I went to dinner with my co-worker at Cheesecake Factory and I ordered Chicken Bellagio. I was so taken with the dish I decided it would have to be made at home because the nearest Cheesecake Factory is over an hour long drive from my dinner table and that was unacceptable.
I searched on Pinterest and there were quite a few recipes for the dish but I settled on this pin.

I ran down to the local grocery store, grabbed my ingredients and got cooking. The recipe was straightforward and easy to follow. In about an hour we sat down to dinner. My family and I agreed that the next time I make it, I’ll double the amount of pesto and sauce. Other than that I was pretty pleased.


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